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Welcome to ACMOC Chapter 12

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Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Chapter 12 is a chapter of ACMOC.

ACMOC has become a worldwide club of people who share the same interest of collecting and preserving Antique Caterpillar® Machinery.

Please visit the web site for ACMOC at which is the official website of ACMOC International for additional resources, including membership, merchandise, bulletin board and much more!

Chapter 12 President:
Erik Christenbury

Mission Statement:

"ACMOC was established to assist and educate its members, and the general public, to appreciate the historic role of Caterpillar machinery in shaping the world.

We promote the collection, preservation, restoration, display and study of products and memorabilia of Caterpillar and its related predecessors." - Adopted March 2007 ACMOC

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I would like to thank the thousands of people who have contacted me to contribute their information about Antique Caterpillar Machinery.

Other resources for information listed below


The Caterpillar® Century by: Eric C. Orlemann

Caterpillar by: Randy Leffingwell

Classic Caterpillar Crawlers by: Keith Haddock & Eric C. Orlemann

Caterpillar Pocket Guide by: Bob LaVoie

Track-Type Machines 1925-1960 By: ACMOC

TV: RFD TV Shows; Classic Tractor's, and Machinery of the Past

Internet Source: ACMOC, ACME, EBAY, Google

and many others....

The Information listed below is a work in progress, as I continue to add information and photos. It took me a few years to build the old site and I hope it will take only a few months to complete this one so please check in regularly to see the latest information.

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