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ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. is the answer to all of your woodworking needs, if you have one machine or a plant full, we can help with buying, selling, rebuilding and manufacturing industrial woodworking machinery.

Locate and Sell Used and New Woodworking Machinery

ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. has over 700 machines in our 118,000 square foot facility located in Liberty and Lexington,North Carolina. Let ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. help you find whatever you are looking for whether it is one machine or a plant full of machines.

Manufacture and Sell New Woodworking Machinery

ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. is excited to manufacture and sell a line of Haunchers and Clamps. We also build custom machinery for our customers. No job is too small or too large.

Rebuild Used Woodworking Machinery to Customer's Specifications

At ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. we can sell machinery to a customer in a number of different ways:

"As is, where is" Customer can purchase the machine in the same condition as seen by customer
"Good running condition" Machine will work properly and is totally functional, if a part is bad then it will be replaced with a used or new part. Machine is also cleaned and painted
"Reconditioned" Machine parts will be new or in "as new" condition. Machine is also cleaned and painted.
"Total Rebuild" Machine will be taken all the way down to the frame and put back with new parts and in better than new condition. Machine is also cleaned and painted.

We are not limited to these conditions only. ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. is happy to provide a machine to fit every customers budget. With our experienced salesmen and knowledgeable technicians, we can get the job done right.

Each machine that is rebuilt varies in the time it takes because each machine has a different set of problems. At ChrisCo Machinery, Inc., machines are not rebuilt until the customer purchases that machine. Most of the time ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. can forecast the time it takes to rebuild a piece of machinery, based on our machine history and knowledge of what it takes to get the job done right. Here are some Before and After Examples.


Full Service Machine Shop


ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. has a full service machine shop equipped with mills, lathes, planer mills, surface grinders, turret lathes, and welders that expedite our machine rebuilding. At ChrisCo Machinery, Inc., we feel that the best work can be done in-house and will speed up the machine rebuilding process.



Repair and Service of Woodworking Machinery


ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. has experienced staff and knowledgeable technicians that can help with almost any problem you may have with your equipment. We may either be able to solve the problem over the telephone or we may come to your plant and assess the problem. Let us help ease the problems of down time.


Movers and Riggers of Machinery

ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. has been moving and rigging machinery since 1983.

We have the right equipment and engineers to get the job done safely and in a reasonable amount of time.

Please call 336-339-3133 for a free estimation.

Also Vist our rigging page to find out more information.

Moving and Rigging


Removal of a Timesaver 3 head wide belt sander from the second floor of a plant.


Examples of Some loaded equipment


Shoda Twin Table Router

Torwegge Tenoner


ChrisCo Machinery | 10144 Old Liberty Road | PO Box 1700 | Liberty, North Carolina 27298 | Phone: 336.622.3063 | Fax: 336.622.3122

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