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Photos Undated on 05-22-17

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Jim Moore's Play Day

Danville Tank Museum

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Holt Tank

NC Got to Be

2017 ACMOC National Show in CA Preview

Best Steamer in Angles Camp

2017 ACMOC National Show



Chapter 12 Play day at Jim Moores

East Tennessee Tractor Show

ACMOC National Show in PA

National Show Part 2

National Show ACMOC Banquet

100 Years of Progress

Part 2

Part 3



Caterpillar Feature at Denton

2015 ACMOC National Show Edgerton WI.

100 Years of Progress


ACMOC National show in Utah

Utah Part 2


ACMOC National Show in Carthage NC


2012 ACMOC National Show Bowling Green Ohio

2012 NC Got to Be Festival Raleigh, NC.

2012 100 Years of Progress


2011 100 Years of Progress, Carthage, NC.

2011 Field Day of the Past Richmond VA.

2011 Field Day of the Past Richmond VA Part 2 

ACMOC 2011 National Show Portland, OR.

NC Ag Fest 2011


 Heidrick Museum   

100 Years of Progress Show  

Denton    Old Iron

BSOT 2008  Kinzers 2009  

Spencer 2010     BOTW 2010   Angles Camp 2010     

ACMOC National 2010 Show at Portland IN.   



From L to R: Hugh Hash, Ed Christenbury, David Young, Todd Rennix and his son, Henry Davis, Pat McMullen, Charles Slagle, Chad Poe, Mike Siler, Bill Martin, Erik Christenbury

Location: 2011 100 years of Progress show in Carthage, NC.

2011 ACMOC Chapter 12 Display at Carthage, NC.

ACMOC Chapter 12 display at the 2011 Feild Day of the Past show in Richmond, VA.

ACMOC Chapter 12 Display at the 2011 NC AG Fest on the state fairgrounds

Pictured from L-R: (Back Row) Ed Christenbury, Hugh Hash, David Young, Roger Slagle, Ken Eder

(Middle) Jane and Jerry Immel, Pattie Eder, Henry Davis, Chad Poe, Joann and Dave Wintermute

(Front) Silas Christenbury (Erik's son and Ed's grandson)

Location: Ederville 2010 show Carthage, NC.

Chapter 12's Display during the 2010 Ederville Show

Chapter 12 Display at Denton NC. 07-08-2010

To see more pics of the show follow the Denton Link and click on 2010 Show

Ed and Erik Christenbury Running the D2 with a 22 Terracer at Denton 07-09-2010

Five Chapter Members came out for the show at Spencer on 4-10-10

See the Spencer link above to see more pics of that show.

ACMOC Chapter 12 Nov. 7 2009 first show at Ederville

Pat McMullen's Cat 10 with Ken Eder's D9G

8C Twenty pulling Model 22 Terracer (3 generations of Christenbury's operating)

Erik Christenbury's 1958 D4 making a pile

Brad Kelley operating Ken Eder's Best Steamer

Pat McMullen lighting up the evening